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Off-Camera Flash Quick Start Guide


This course is for you if you've been using a flash and want to take it to the NEXT level. Using a flash ON-CAMERA is okay, but using a flash OFF-CAMERA is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD, an amazing shift in your image. Buy this course and I guarantee you'll be amazed with the shift in your image quality or your MONEY BACK.

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“I am so used to keeping my flash on the body, but after taking this class, I don’t think I will go back! Thank you so much!!!!!”Alexes E.

“Grainhappy Tutorial “Off-Camera Flash Quick Start Guide” is a great place to start and get a quick overview on shooting flash like the pros and most importantly it’s easy to understand and follow. The step-by-step tutorial guides the photographer along very simple steps and tips to capturing an exciting picture that brings the subject out from the harsh and flat look, turning a simple boring picture into one that captivates the eye. By the end of the tutorial I was motivated to shoot flash off the camera and felt much comfortable doing so outside the TTL flash setting. If you’re a beginner like me looking to understand how to shoot exciting photographs with flash without the long and confusing videos, I recommend starting here and allowing Grainhappy Tutorials “Off-Camera Flash Quick Start Guide” make you look like a pro.”Rafael S.

Getting your speedlight flash OFF the camera is one of the best ways to make your photos take a huge next step.

I take almost all the pain out of learning off-camera flash:) You still have to take the time to learn, but I make it easy and fun!

If you have questions like these, this product is for you:
What are triggers and why should I care?
How do professional photographers get AMAZING light and why am I struggling with my flash?
What the heck is a light modifier?
What’s important to spend money on, and where can you I cheaper gear?

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