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Photography 101: Take Full Control Of Your Camera


Do you wish you knew the settings that REALLY matter on your camera? When you first start with photography, your camera can seem like a minefield of buttons and dials. Take this course to CLEAR THE AIR and look at your camera with a new excitement and understanding.

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“It’s such a simple, to the point course that clears up all the essentials to shooting on manual. It’s helped so much with my confidence and knowledge with being completely in charge of my photos, and suggested so many great exercises that I will continue to do to get better and better. I wish I would have known about this course earlier and I wouldn’t have had to guess so much ;). I will continue to suggest this course to whoever I can! Thanks a bunch!”Devin D.

“I finished the video course! Great course buddy, thanks so much for putting it out there to help others! I’m definitely inspired to play more in manual with more confidence 🙂 so thank you for putting in the effort for us all!! You’re pretty awesome:)”Bec G.

“I just wanted to let you know I completed your course and I loved it! Very helpful, clear and easy to follow, just like your tips. Thank you so much for your precious help!”Camilla B.

“After watching these I gathered up the courage to go full manual on my very first engagement session! I was nervous, a little slow, and took WAYYY too many photos, but I was so happy with how things turned out, and so was my couple. THANK YOU!”Kara M.

“Loved the videos! Very easy to understand and great tricks to remembering what aperture shutter speed and ISO are/how they function separately and together.”Lauren S.

“Man, this was perfect! I have been trying to understand Iso, aperture, & shutter speed for a while. I understood it but your explanations made is so much simpler which makes it easier for me to quickly think about rather than having to think about all the science behind it to remember which direction to go. Thanks!”Kristy K.

“I just finished the photography 101 course…It was really helpful and I’m excited to start practicing more and more. Thanks so much!!”Rosie S.


  • to be able to take better shots more consistently in different lighting
  • to be able to know HOW the camera thinks and use that to help take your BEST shots
  • to think for yourself instead of the camera’s stupid auto system
  • to take another step up in confidence with our photography
  • to demystify the “magic” going on inside the camera
  • a COMPLETE understanding of the “ingredients” to take bright enough photos